Consize Inc. web-based & mobile sales software packages for engineered equipment & products

Web-Based Sizing & Sales Software
Clients nowadays increasingly demand for suppliers of engineered equipment and products that can meet their process requirements with the highest quality at the lowest price in the global market place. Consize's proprietary web-enabled knowledge-based product configuration and sizing solution allows engineered equipment and product vendors to effectively meet this emerging challenge.

Mobile Utility Apps
The wide availability of mobile devices makes it possible for design, sales and field engineers to complete routine calculation tasks quicker, easier and more reliable using mobile Apps. This results in a significant time saving in searching tables and formula from scatter sources, which may not always be reliable and consistent.


Mobile Sizing & Sales Software
The rapid advancement of smart phones and tablet PCs provides an unprecedented opportunity for companies to take advantage of mobile platforms to make available product data, information, and sales tools available to their sales channels as well as their end users.


Technical Consulting
The value-adds of Consize's web-based and mobile sales solution come from two core areas of expertise: our IT solutions and our ability in solving engineering problems. Beside our established commercial offers, we offer our expertise to our clients to address technical issues specific to their business process.
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