Various Heat Exchanger Types
Support a wide range of heat exchanger types from gasketed PHE, brazed PHE to many types of fully welded plate heat exchangers such as plate and shell, Bloc, Hybrid, PCHE, Spiral, etc.
Wide Range of Industrial Applications
Full coverage of common applications from liquid-liquid, liquid-gas, gas-gas, condensation, evaporation, partial condenser, mixture condenser, supercritical condenser and evaporator, exhaust gas heat recovery, refrigeration, etc.
Team Share and User Control
Powerful sales channel features to support flexible sales team structure, user account admin, user permission control, user activity tracking. Support quote sharing within the sales team in a controlled manner.
AHRI Compliance
Support optional AHRI calculation mode, AHRI model name and sales document customization, easy-to-control and reliable performance compliance management features